Carbon fiber pickleball paddles
Carbon fiber pickleball paddles
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Carbon fiber pickleball paddles

Main Features of Lishang's Carbon fiber pickleball paddles 

1.large thickness

2.light weight

3.good stability.

Product Details

Carbon fiber pickleball paddles

Product Description:

The sports products of the Carbon fiber pickleball paddles are slower than the badminton racket, and the movement intensity is slow. It is a popular choice for popular sports products, especially for the elderly. Lishang's Carbon fiber pickleball paddles has a large thickness, light weight and good stability. The cover type protection system builds the racquet to contact the ground to cause damage, effectively protects the racquet. The handle is made of carbon fiber material, non-slip wearable and light weight. A good grip feels the twist of the hand.

Product Parameters:

Product construction :carbon fiber +aramid fiber honeycomb
Middle filler : Aluminum honeycomb
Printing technology :silk printing or 
Product size :405mm*210mm*42mm
Product weight :240g
Handle :120-125mm
hand glue technology :drilling hole ,Stitching ,emboss and silk printing logo

Product Features:

Light weight ,high strength ,feel good
This knife is very resistant to breaking

Package Instruction:

Package type :Non
Package material :Non
Package size :Non
Package weight :Non

Ordering Instructions:

In stock :Yes
Customize :accept
MOQ :50 pcs
Sample :yes
Delivery :Express
Delivery time :5-10 working days

Application areas:Sport goods ,as gift ....
Patent certificate: no